Gender Inequality

What causes Gender Inequality?

Gender inequality is one of the social issues we face as this world especially for woman suffer the most. It is caused by many things often gender, skin color and sexuality.

Being treated differently just because you’re skin color is different it pure definition of discrimination. These things such gender inequality leads to a lot of things including depression and anxiety, especially for woman again as we suffer the most, men being paid more than women and ect .

We should fight for gender equality quality, to have access to our rights and opportunities regardless of our gender. We are all equal and should share equal rights woman or man.

Gender equality matters to eliminate rape, woman abuse, and all that. Everyone should be treated with respect, respect my right as a woman and understand that I’m also capable. Don’t block our way of success as young woman and woman in general by telling us what to do, let us be able to define ourselves and our courage.

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Being different is a challenge, no one accepts you for who you are and that ok. Sometimes you have to isolate yourself from what people are to discover yourself and what you could be.